Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance


Executive liability is a key exposure for most technology companies. Leadership, the most visible segment of the business community, is under increasing scrutiny from regulators, investors and the media. This scrutiny has a profound impact on risk management strategies. Consequently, directors' and officers' liability insurance has become an operational and financial imperative for technology, pharmaceutical and chemical firms.


Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance


Protecting your directors and officers has never been more important in this climate of increased regulations, expanded guidelines and in-depth analysis of corporate governance.


D&O Liability Insurance is an errors and omissions type of coverage which protects directors and officers against claims for losses resulting from failure to do their jobs properly.


Claimants can include competitors, suppliers, customers, employees, investors/shareholders of the company, and government agencies.


Regardless of size or type of business, private companies face many serious exposures in the course of their day-to-day operations. Even small, privately held businesses, for example, are exposed to claims from employees, clients, customers, competitors, creditors, and state or federal regulatory agencies. Needless to say, for a small business such litigation can be financially disastrous.







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