Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance


Technology Errors & Omissions can be defined as coverage for claims alleging negligence in the provision of your technology products and services. From time to time these products may be endorsed to cover intellectual property, media liability and/or Internet services. Coverage availability varies and the scope of exposure differs in each organization.


As technology companies continue to emerge, generalizing trends in Technology E&O coverage has become more difficult, and elements of E&O (errors and omissions) coverage have become more complex and specialized.


E&O programs now range from coverage for negligence in the provision of technology services, to protection for the design, manufacture, development, distribution, licensing or sale of technology products.


While organizations increasingly depend on technological systems and efficiencies to protect and leverage information, the value of assets continues to grow. It is critical to protect against technological systems’ errors or omissions that can create widespread damage or disruption to information assets and severely harm balance sheets.


TechShield's technology specialists understand that as a central element of your insurance program, Technology E&O must be structured to provide comprehensive coverage for economic loss caused by mistakes or the negligent provision of your products and services. We will help you identify your specific exposures and structure a cost-effective, customized insurance program solution.


Who Needs This Insurance?


Technical Professions:

·         IT Consultants

·         Software Developers

·         Value Added Resellers

·         Web Developers and Designers

·         Internet Media / Publishing

·         Data Processing

·         Network Security & System Integrators

·         Staffing Firms

·         Service Providers


All Professions:

·         Accountants

·         Lawyers

·         Healthcare (Especially with HIPAA exposures)

·         Corporate Web sites

·         Any company with e-mail, networks, and/or Web sites