Network Risk Insurance


Network Risk Insurance protects your company from risk and liabilities associated with processes and commerce through computer networks. TechShield offers comprehensive coverage against first party exposures and third party claims including business interruption, cyber extortion, damage to intangible property, and public relations. Third party exposures also exist. They include Internet, media, Internet E&O, breach of security, release of virus and contracted disputes.


Dangerous Gap in Today's Insurance Coverage...

Electronic data is the key business asset of the 21st Century and any loss or damage can cost thousands of dollars to restore and have a catastrophic impact on a business. The exclusion of electronic data from standard commercial insurance policies has left a dangerous gap in insurance coverage for companies.

Furthermore, any firm that has a company e-mail system or web site is now effectively publishing on a worldwide scale and is subject to advertising and personal injury type claims.


Network Risk Insurance Provides:

·                 Coverage for claims alleging negligence in the provision of Internet services.

·         Coverage for liability associated with a failure of network security.

·         Coverage for liability associated with dissemination of electronic content.

·         Coverage for Business Interruption due to certain non-physical perils.

·         Coverage for damage to one’s own intangible assets (e.g. code, data, etc.).

·         May be endorsed to cover Miscellaneous E&O.


Coverage may include:


First Party
First party insurance policies may provide coverage for business interruption losses arising from the interruption, suspension or degradation of an entity’s own computer network, including business income, extra expense and contingent dependent business interruption. Example: a hacker attacked and brought down your mission critical servers. The value of an entity’s digital assets may be protected involving data, computer system resources and information assets, such as customer data, proprietary information, trade secrets, order fulfillment and credit card or other sensitive data and e-records. Cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, crisis communication and forensic investigative services may also be added by endorsement.


Third Party
Third party liability coverage provides damage and defense costs suffered by others due to a failure of the insured’s computer network, systems or software applications. This includes liability caused by transmission of a computer virus, unauthorized access, denial-of-service, disclosure of confidential information and identity theft. Such insurance may also cover content-based injuries such as libel, slander, defamation, copyright, trademark infringement and invasion of privacy from the display of material on an entity’s web site. If an entity provides professional services in connection with networks, then those services may be covered also, such as Internet service providers, technology consultants and software developers.








Coverage availability may vary by state. This website is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the policy described. Please remember that only the insurance policy can give actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions.